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You're not here to read long explanations about what SEO is and how it works!

You want to know how is it going bring you more leads, how much will it cost and how long it will take right?

If you are interested in understanding more about SEO, we have a growing list of amazing blog posts for you to read through.  I encourage you to go read some after you have filled in the above contact form. 



93% of kiwis turn to search engines to find business information online

How well is your website ranking on Google?


The goal is always to get you as high as possible for your given keywords.  Here's the reason,

  • - 90% of customers will not go past the first page
  • - 30% of all visitors will click the top organic link
  • - 13% for the second spot
  • - 9% for third
  • - the % quickly drops from here
  • - only 10% of leads will click on a paid ad

This means that 90% of your leads will not go further than the top 10 results and 50% will click either the first, second or third spots.
So again, how do you rank?


Here is an SEO case study between two different muffin shops and how the position of ranking affected their business. 


We are a Search Engine Optimisation company and we do this day in and day out for our customers and when you only do one thing you get very good at it.  If you would like to increase your search engine position, send us an email (info@amplifi.nz) or fill the form below.

A few reasons why our customers choose us

NZ Owned Company

We are a New Zealand owned and operated SEO company based in Hamilton.

Return of Investment

We are a business as well so we understand the importance of delivering results.

Pride in our Work

Long lasting relationships are key for us so we don't use any dodgy or 'black-hat' techniques for quick gains.  We just work hard for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will SEO benefit my businesses?
We live in an increasing age of technology where mobile has now overtaken desktops for internet use.  The first place people look when trying to find a product, service or even company info is in a search engine.  The higher you rank the more clicks you get, resulting in more traffic to your website.

What if you sold muffins and the majority of your potential customers go to the information center in town to ask about muffins.  Wouldn't it make sense to have your muffin store right next to the information center?  The same goes for search engines, it's all about location, location, location.


How much will it cost?
Our plans start at $299 a month but it really depends on your requirements and your industry.  Some industries are a lot more competitive than others which require more work to see results.  Request a digital report and we will discuss with you the best course of action moving forward.


How long will it take?
Again this will depend on what you are wanting to achieve and your industry.  SEO is certainly not an overnight solution, it is an on-going process to build and maintain your position.

SEO never really ends, as there are always new companies that want higher spots.  Once everything is optimised the costs certainly reduces and then we start to focus more on content and back-linking to keep up your domain and page authority.


Get Your Free Digital Report

This will include an overview of your website, your current rankings and some recommendations.


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