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The Why

Like most industries, digital marketing is full of acroynms, buzz words and other over hyped jargon that can make it hard to follow. For example here are some areas we can help your business SEO, SEM, SMM, CRO, UX, and so on. I'm sure like most, this isn't that helpful. We try to uncomplicate things, to put things in everyday language that is easy to understand.

Digital marketing is like golf.
To me, golf is simplistically complicated. Hit a little ball into a slightly larger hole way off in the distance with as little amount of shots as possible. Simple right, (for some, certainly not all of us.)

Let me try to explain this further:

  • Once you have set your goals (lined up the hole)
  • Have a good understanding of your customers (looked down the fairway for obstacles)
  • Know how to best reach them (got your golf cart ready)
  • Have a content strategy so you can add value and can show how you fix your customers problems (grabbed your full set of clubs)
  • Then you execute your plans and provide great customer service to make them advocates (you tee off, land on the green, putt it in the hole and then congratulate yourself because it’s the same ball you started with.)

It’s fair to say that traditional marketing isn’t getting the same results as it used to but they still seem to charge you the same price. This is why there has been such a push into going digital.

You can check your campaigns' effectiveness and update them at any stage, adjust budgets on the fly and automate elements to free up more time. There are as many benefits as there are options. This is where confusion can set in, do I use Facebook or Snapchat, Hubspot or Infusionsoft, WordPress or Silverstipe, Display Ads or Text Ads and so on and so on.

We love helping businesses grow and I love to see a good plan come together by making it simple to implement.

With a solid plan in place, you’ll soon wonder what all the fuss was about. If you want a clear and easy to follow strategy that aligns with your business goals, create value for your customers and works to your budget, then contact us today and let’s see if we can help.

The What

Digital marketing has many moving parts, a huge range of choices and endless avenues to suck up your money.

But what exactly does it do, how does it all work together and how do you make sense of it all? Hopefully, the below example will give you a better understanding.
Think of a large stadium that everyone comes to for an event, it can be sports game like basketball, rugby, football, cricket, or it could be a concert with a newly formed band of Eminem, Taylor Swift, and Susan Boyle.
This is your website, and like a good stadium, if you want to make a good impression, it must be clean, easy to navigate, able to hold a lot of people, and easy to find.

Now you need your promoters out telling everyone but not just a poster stuck on a wall, or someone driving around with a loudspeaker yelling at people, you want conversations and engagement. This is your social media. It’s talking about the event, showing images of the event and showing people snippets of the last show, asking customers questions and getting people excited. Simply engaging with your customers.

Now that you have this great stadium and everyone is hyped about the event, you need a someone or a top team that people will want to come watch. This is your content. The better the content the more it will attract people, the longer they will stay and the more they will purchase. Imagine the crowd difference between an All Blacks vs Aussies game or a local under five’s ripper rugby game (believe me these games can be quite exciting). The quality of your content and the value to your customer is what will keep them coming back.

Now you have mass amounts of people at your stadium, you don't want them to just watch the game and leave, you want them to take action while they are there and spend money.
This is your Call To Actions (CTA). You want your vending stands and food trucks to be clearly labeled, frequently scattered around the stadium and offering products fit for your audience.

To Recap
  • If you have a clean, easy to navigate and easy to find stadium (website)
  • You have great promoters out engaging with people (social media) about the up and coming game
  • You have a great team in place to play regulary (content)
  • You have made it easy and worthwhile to buy merch or food (call to actions)
Then you are certainly heading in the right direction.

This is very simplified but hopefully it allows you to see how the different elements all come together to work towards event planning (kidding) to lead generation using digital tools.

If you are wanting a clear strategy that integrates all these moving parts for your business, then let me know as I’d love to come learn more about how I can help.

The Who

To be honest, this is the hardest part of rebuilding this entire website. How do I talk myself up without seeming conceited or arrogant?

The best way to do this is to let others do it for me, so below are some very kind words by some of my customers.
East Coast Soundz
We have used Ben at Amplifi to redesign our website after 2 failed attempts by other website developers. Ben took the time to listen to our requirements and to realise our vision for our website. He was very patient and more than happy to tweak the website to best suit our needs. We would highly recommend Ben from Amplifi to anyone who is seeking a trustworthy and honest person has a high standard of workmanship and ethics.

Karen and Pete Hallam,
East Coast Soundz and Auto Electrix Ltd.

Le Chandelier Wedding Planning & Design
Amplifi NZ is an absolutely Top Notch Web Designer.

My company just launched our completely revamped website and couldn’t be any happier with the way the site turned out, and my experience with Amplifi NZ. Amplifi NZ took our old website with out-dated graphics, fonts, etc. and transformed it into a modern, user-friendly and attractive site. When I’ve met Ben Sears from “Amplifi NZ” to discuss the project, I was immediately impressed with how easy he is to communicate with-just real, down to earth that did not talk over my head with tech jargon, always explaining the tech language to me in a simple manner. He listened and spent ample time understanding my business and message to make sure the site layout was appropriate. He pulled off some tricky programming feats to get the site to do what we wanted, 'while not losing sight of the need for superb, modern aesthetics.

Setting up the site was painless and Amplifi NZ always responded in a timely manner to any questions we had.

Zelda Lond
Director, Le Chandelier Wedding Planning & Design

I have read other peoples testimonies before, and let’s be honest or state the obvious, we are only going to put the best ones up as we want to paint the best picture. They are real though and none of them wrote it under duress and all were sober (I think).

This may be like water off a duck's back because we have never met and you don't know me but that’s completely understandable. The only thing we can offer you without meeting first is our word.

That age-old test of integrity.

If you do choose to call on our services, our word is that we will give you the best service we can, to help achieve the goals we set.

If this sounds acceptable to you, then contact me today and let’s talk.

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